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This website, along with many others, uses cookies for various functions as described in more detail below, required for the site's functionality. We do not consider these cookies to be any risk, and they are currently necessary for the fumctioning of this website. You can however set your computer to not accept cookies.

If you are not willing to accept these cookies, then we ask you not to continue using this website.

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Different cookies have different purposes, contain diffent information, and exist for different periods of time on your computer. This site uses cookies for the following purposes:

Cookies set by this site and removeable by the link below.

  • Google Analytics - used by many sites on the Internet, gives us important information on how many people have visited our site, whether they came from a search engine or another site, whether they have visited our site before, etc. These cookies do contain any personal information about you. These cookies are set as a result of coding within our webpages.

Cookies set by Skyscanner - a third party website, as a result of using their technology on this site. These cookies typically store the information you have entered for the departure and destination airports for use in your flight search.

  • Google Adsense - providing many of the advertisments on this site (and a huge number of other websites). More details on Googles cookies and other privacy issues can be seen Here

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Cookies set by this site

Cookie Name

Associated Domain

Cookie Life

Site Coverage



2 years

Throughout site

Associated with Google Analytics. Is set on first visit to site and used to determine if a site visitor is a new visitor or a returning visitor.


10 minutes

Throughout site

Associated with google Analytics but does not store any information - but is involved in the system.


7 Days

Pages with the Skyscanner powered flight search box.

Retains the appropriate inflormation you have entered into the Skyscanner search box to avoid you having to re-enter it for a repeat search.


within the current day

Pages with the Skyscanner powered flight search box.

Associated with skyscanner technology and the transference of information entered to the skyscanner site.