UK Long Haul - London Heathrow to Bahrain - Direct Flight Options Compared

The route from London Heathrow to Bahrain is calculated to be 3170 miles or 5090 Km
Approximate flight time 6 hrs 20 mins

London Heathrow airport is located 24Km West of the centre of London, close to the M4 motorway and with good rail links into the city. Heathrow airport is also served by the Underground (Tube) Piccadilly line, with stations at Heathrow Central, Terminal 4 and Terminal 5.

Passengers per yr ~ 75 million.

Bahrain airport is located On the island of Muharraq, 4 miles north east of Manama, the capital city of Bahrain, to which it has road links.

Passengers per yr ~ 9 million.

The Movenpick Hotel is located adjacent to the terminal building, while the Majestic Arjaan, Ramada and Golf Residence hotels are nearby.

London Heathrow  to Bahrain  route map


British Airways - From £1282*

  British Airways, the national airline of the U.K., has been operating since 1974, now having a fleet of approximately 260 aircraft, with an average age of 13 yrs.**

World Traveller

17.5″ 31″ 23 Kg No
Food & Drink- 3 course meal. Drinks and snack available.
Entertainment - Personal entertainment system with headphones.

World Traveller Plus

18.8″ 38″ 46 Kg No
Food & Drink- A higher standard of cuisine plus complimentary drink.
Entertainment - Personal entertainment system with superior headphones.


20″ 72″ 64 Kg Full
Food & Drink- Cuisine inspired by the world�s top chefs, with wine. Choice of snacks beetween meals.
Entertainment - Personal 10.4in flat screen and noise-cancelling headphones - hundreds of the latest films, documentaries, television, music, audio books and games.


21″ 78″ 96 Kg Full
Food & Drink- Exclusive ‘a la carte’ menu designed by leading chefs from around the world.
Entertainment - 15in screen and noise-cancelling headphones - endless hours of the latest films, documentaries, television, music, audio books and games

Gulf Air - From £465*

  Gulf Air is the national airline of Bahrain and has been operating since 1950, now having a fleet of 28 aircraft, with an average age of 9 yrs.**


18″ 30″ 30 Kg
Food & Drink-
Entertainment - Entertainment system with wide choice.

Falcon Gold

0″ 0″ 40 Kg
Food & Drink- The on-board chef will discuss the menu options with you, offering a choice of European and Middle Eastern dishes, plus excellent wines, spirits and vintage champagne.
Entertainment - Entertainment system giving a wide choice on a 15 inch screen.

*Flights have been advertised by the airline at this price but will be subject to change, and variations due to exchange rates, surcharges etc.
**Fleet size and age according to