UK Long Haul - Manchester to Dubai - Direct Flight Options Compared

The route from Manchester to Dubai is calculated to be 3510 miles or 5660 Km
Approximate flight time 6 hrs 60 mins

Manchester airport is located 12Km South of Manchester, adjacent to the M56 Motorway, north west England. Manchester airport has its own railway station.

Passengers per yr ~ 23 million.

There are several hotels within the airport perimeter, the 5 star Radisson hotel being connected to the station and terminals 1 and 2 by covered walkways.

Dubai airport is located 3 miles east of Dubai, the capital city of the Emirate of Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates. Two metro lines connect the airport to the city.

Passengers per yr ~ 71 million.

The Dubai International Hotel is located adjacent to the airport terminal buildings with many others close to this, the world's 3rd busiest airport.

Manchester  to Dubai  route map


Emirates - From £438*

  Emirates, the airline based in Dubai, UAE, has been operating since 1985, and now has a fleet of approximately 260 aicraft, with an average age of 6 yrs.**


17.5″ 32″ 35 Kg
Food & Drink- Gourmet dishes inspired by the region accompanied by complimentary wine beer or spirits.
Entertainment - 2500 channels of entertainment. Free WiFi available on some aircraft.


20.5″ 60″ 40 Kg
Food & Drink- Delicious regionally inspired menu with healthy options (served on fine bone china), and complimentary champagne.
Entertainment - 2500 entertainment channels.


20.5″ 72″ 50 Kg
Food & Drink- A range of dishes, carefully selected and prepared, available on demand on select routes, served on fine bone china.
Entertainment - 2500 entertainment channels.

Etihad Airways - From £313*

  Etihad is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates and has been operational since 2003, now having a fleet of approximately 125 aircraft, with an average age of 6 yrs.**


17.5″ 32″ 46 Kg
Food & Drink- A choice of main courses including a vegetarian option and a dish inspired by your destination country.
Entertainment - hundreds of hours of in-flight entertainment via an 11 inch touch screen. WiFi connectivity can be purchased on selected flights.


20″ 73″ 64 Kg
Food & Drink- Award winning cuisine with a boutique wine list served when and how you wish.
Entertainment - Hundreds of hours of entertainment with noise cancelling headphones and screens upto 18 inches.


30″ 80″ 64 Kg
Food & Drink- Traditional Arabic coffee and dates, and a refreshment of your choice as a welcome. A 7 course taster menu plus award winning cuisine and boutique wine list delivered by qualified inflight chefs. Fine bone china and crystal glassware will be in use.
Entertainment - Hundreds of hours of entertainment via noise cancelling headphones and 24inch screens. WiFi connectivity on selected flights.

The Residence

0″ 0″ 0 Kg
Food & Drink- Onboard Savoy trained chef looks after your culnary needs.
Entertainment - 32 inch screen in the living room of this 3 roomed suite (there is separate bedroom for two people and a shower room.

*Flights have been advertised by the airline at this price but will be subject to change, and variations due to exchange rates, surcharges etc.
**Fleet size and age according to