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15/11/19 Non Stop Test Flight from London to Sydney Takes Place
The first non stop flight of a passenger aircraft from London to Sydney landed in Australia earlier today. The Qantas flight with 50 non-paying passengers on a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, took 19 hours and 19 minutes, approximately 3 hours quicker than any current flight involving a stop. The purpose of the flight was to test the effects on both passengers and crew, in anticipation of starting commercial flights in 2022 or soon after.

23/09/19 Thomas Cook Cease Trading
The airline and holiday company, Thomas Cook, ceased trading early this morning after after a failed attempt to refinance the business. The UK government has stated that British holiday makers currently abroad with the company will be repatriated.

12/08/19 Flight Cancellations at Hong Kong due to Protests
It is being reported that departed flights from Hong Kong airport have been cancelled today as a result of the anti-government protests there.

07/08/19 British Airways IT Glitch Causing Flight Cancellations and Delays Today
It is being reported that two separate IT problems at British Airways today has caused around 100 flight cancellations and many more to be delayed. It is understood that the glitches are resulting in check-ins having to be carried out manually and also pilots are having difficulty accessing the information they need before take-off.

21/07/19 British Airways Suspends Flights to Cairo Amid Security Fears
British Airways announced yesterday that it suspending its daily flight from London Heathrow to Cairo for one week due to a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation. Lufthansa also suspended its flights from Frankfurt and Munich but reinstated them the following day.

28/02/19 Flight Cancellations in India and Pakistan due to Escalating Conflict - Updated
As a result of the escalating conflict in the area, airspace has been closed in parts of northern India and Pakistan. Flights to Pakistani cities of Karachi and Lahore have been particularly affected, along with other routes due to fly through the affected airspace. Airspace was re-opened on 01/03/19

08/01/19 Norwegian Claims World First with Free WiFi
Norwegian is claiming to be the first low cost airline to offer free WiFi to all passengers on intercontinental flights (they have been offering free WiFi on European routes since 2011). The roll-out of the intercontinental free WiFi is expected this month. Passengers requiring a faster service will have the option of paying around 13 Euros for 3 hours.

08/05/18 British Airways Announce Europes Only Non-Stop Flight to Durban
BA have announced a new route which will be the only non-stop flight between Europe and the South African city of Durban. The thrice weekly flights from London Heathrow are due to commence in October this year.

02/03/18 American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, and Finnair to Introduce New Basic Economy Flights
American Airlines have announced that they (and their partner airlines, British Airways, Iberia, and Finnair) will be launching a new Basic Economy fare for some transatlantic flights. These fares will be for the same seats and cabin as the current Economy fares but will only include one piece of carry on luggage and no cabin luggage in the price. There will also be no option to book a particular seat or to upgrade. The new fares are expected to be launched in April.

26/01/18 Direct Flights Between Birmingham and Punjab to Begin
Air India have announced that their new route between Birmingham and Punjab will commence on February 20 this year. While the airline already has a flight to Amritsar via Delhi, this will be the first ever direct flight to the Punjab state. The twice weekly flight will make use of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

05/01/18 Storms Cause Travel Chaos in Eastsern United States an Canada
A winter storm, known as a Bomb Cyclone, caused heavy snow around New York, Boston and other eastern US cities, together with eastern Canada. This is reported to have resulted in over 4000 flight cancellations yesterday, and is expected to cause further travel chaos today.

04/12/17 Moves to Restrict Smart Luggage by Some US Airlines
Two United States airlines, American Airlines and Delta, are expected to place restictions on smart luggage on flights from 15th January next year which will effectively ban their use unless the batteries are removed, or limited to the cabin only. Other airlines are also reported to be looking at the situation. Smart luggage may have built in GPS systems to track their movement, built-in weigh scales, remote locking, chargin points for your phone or even powered wheels. These electrical systems are powered by lithium ion rechargeable batteries, which could cause a fire risk, the airline believe.

27/11/17 Tourists Stranded in Bali Due to Volcano Activity
Upto 60,000 tourists are believed to be stranded on the island of Bali after the international airport closed due to the ash cloud and potential eruption of Mount Agung. Authorities are monitoring the situation and hope to reopen the airport soon.

26/10/17 New Security Procedures Introduced Today for Flights to the US
New security procedures have been introduced today for flights to the United States (although at least one airline has been granted permission to delay the introduction). Passengers may be handed questionairs or have a short interview at checkin. Some airlines have stated that the procedures may cause delays at airport security for which passengers should allow extra time.

05/09/17 Flights Cancelled Ahead of Hurricane Irma
Flights to the Caribbean are being cancelled in anticipation of hurricane Irma, which has now been upgraded to a 5, the highest. It has also been reported that British Airways has sent an empty plane to Antigua to bring passengers home early. The hurricane is expected to pass along the eastern edge of the Caribbean sea, and hit Florida at the week-end.